About Me

Currently acting as an English teacher in Cheonan, S. Korea. I spend my days teaching young’ns English while marathon training and studying for the LSAT in the evenings.

This blog will be my personal account of life as a vegetarian runner. I have always been an active person; I played lacrosse in high school, rugby in university, and biked 10-15 miles a day as part of my daily commute while living in Baltimore, MD. When I moved to Thailand in February 2011, my life took a more sedentary turn. So, I began training for the 2011 Bangkok Marathon and have been running 4-5 days a week ever since. After a year and a half of Thailand, filled with dog bites, shin splints and mosquitoes, I wanted out. With help from friends and family, I am now living in S. Korea with my 3 year-old pit bull, Sigma.


I will post my exercise logs, motivations, rants, and the occasional photo or two. Watch my progress and please feel free to comment!

*Westerner, specifically of European or American decent.


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