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August 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

These past two weeks have proven to be hectic and telling for the year to come. My new job as English teacher at a local hagwon is fulfilling but intense. I teach over 30 hours a week (plus lesson planning and grading) and while I arrive at work at the leisurely hour of 9:10, my day isn’t over until 6pm. That being said, I truly am happy with my co-teachers, my boss, and the students. This last week, my boss helped me secure my Alien Registration Card (not only am I now a resident of S. Korea, but I now have health care!), a bank account, and a smart phone (I’ve never had one before).

Alien Registration Card (ARC) and bank card– Korean residency is official!

Some of my older students… “Teacher, I so genius!”

In other news, a dear friend of mine from high school came to stay with me this last weekend. We had such an amazing time reconnecting, catching up, and spending time together that he ended up pushing his flight back 4 days… There is much more to say about this, but just know that my life has changed drastically in the past 2 weeks and that I am so very happy. All I will say at the moment is that now is the time for time regained. Here are some photos that he took of our trip together into Seoul (click on photographs to enlarge them):

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, MK

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, MK

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, MK

Video exhibit on building in Seoul, Korea, MK

He left last Thursday and I’ve returned to my routine– cooking alone, eating alone, sleeping alone. All of this is bittersweet, of course. I am always happy to have my friends come and spend time with me in Asia (shout out to Molly, Tiffany, Isaac & Chris, MK… and future shout out to Qu, my parents, and a handful of others). It is really nice to have someone you know eat, gossip, and tool around with you. And everyday you remember how nice it is to be around your familiars and how badly you want it to continue. But then, when their stay comes to an end and you see them off to the airport– or to their next destination– a pretty significant loss is felt. This is how I felt this week.

I didn’t ignore the feelings, however. I tried to appreciate them and accept what they might signify. I love my friends and family and I know that I am mostly ready to return to them. I shed a few tears, I cooked, I ran, I walked my dog. I Skyped with my dear friend.

Ultimately, I will update you all about my plan for the year– as some things have changed (significantly)– sometime this week. Probably tomorrow. Well, I hope tomorrow… We all know I’ve been terrible about blogging regularly. Ugh. *hangs head in shame*

Posts to come:

1.) Year Plan

2.) Food pictures (!!)

3.) Commentary on S. Korea

Hope everyone is doing well and that I haven’t bored everyone to death… unlike my dog:

Mommy is boring! Can I has a scratch now?


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