July 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

So, I’ve been in S. Korea for about 10 days. Life is going extremely well– and for the most part, I am happy. However, I did happen to catch a pretty severe cold this week and have been trying to rest as much as possible. We aren’t really able to take off for sick days, so I don’t want to push my body any more than necessary (i.e. no running!).

I did manage to make it out today, but only because I was desperate for coffee. However, coffee here is expensive and the cheap stuff is horrible and instant (how can people drink that?!) so I decided to buy a coffee maker for my apartment. Anyway, it was drizzly and I was feeling miserable, but after some walking, miming, and pointing I was able to purchase a french press and a bag of freshly ground coffee beans. The moment I got home, I boiled some water to give my press a test run…  mmm

Coffee! I know I look a crazed in this pic… My hair was wet from the rain and I am sick. Don’t hate.

I felt a little bit better while drinking my coffee and I sat down to read my favorite blogs. I ended up learning that I won Goodcleanfood’s Lululemon running skirt giveaway (thanks again, Goodcleanfood!), at which point I felt much, much better! I’ve never won a giveaway before, and I am so excited about this one. 🙂 For all you veggies, vegans, and runners– check out her blog. Filled with recipes and inspiration!

In other news, I just finished making dinner: homemade ottogi seaweed soup. Yum.

Ottogi Seaweed Soup with Tofu

Waiting for the soup to cool. Listening to Beefheart… All in all, a pretty great day.


Here I am, celebrating my good day with the typical “Korean” photo pose:

Sick or not, I’ve had a great day! French press, giveaway, seaweed soup, & Beefheart!



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