My First Day at Nohn Goom

November 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Sorry for the absence, friends! I’ve started teaching at Nohn Goom Mittapop 102, a school located just outside of my village. I am teaching 4 English classes a day to roughly 35 students per class. The kids range in age from 7-9 and are in Pratom 1 (essentially 2nd grade).

The hallway outside of one of my classes

As I told one of my friends: “No one speaks English (not even passably) at the school. More fortunately: I am the first farang to ever teach here (so the bar is set pretty low); I can speak passable Thai; it appears that they understood my firm requests for vegetarian food. Even though the kids should know a little English (alphabet, animals, days of the week, etc.), they don’t (surprise, surprise). Today I focused on the alphabet and while they seemed to have had fun with the lesson, they also seemed to struggle with the [written] alphabet.”

Some of my Pratom 1 students

It’s not all bad: at least there is ONE western toilet!

At least there is one western-ish toilet at the school (you do have to bring your own tissue, however)...

I am not sure if I will be running in any marathons or races in the next couple of months due to the natural disaster that befell Thailand. I will, however, be continuing my training schedule to maintain my level of fitness and will begin tapering a couple of weeks before my next race. I will keep you all updated. : )


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