A Day in the Life (Of A [Depressed] American [Runner] in Thailand)

November 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Without having a definitive race to train for, I’ve found myself complacent and lazy. Here is a recap of a day from this past week (trust me when I say that all this is going to change come this Monday…):

At least *someone* in Thailand seems happy...

Wake up at 10:30 and lay in my bed. Daydream. Feel lethargic and a bit sorry for myself until 11:30 or even 12:30– who cares?– I have nothing going on. Feel unmotivated to get out of bed. Shower, lazily. Play with my dog until I decide that I really must eat.

Go to my friend’s cafe and make my usual breakfast of oatmeal, muesli and pumpkin. Drink a coffee. Drink another coffee. Read ethics. Try to refute Cultural Relativism logically. Get bored (or overwhelmed?). Watch an episode of Arrested Development or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Read the news. Get depressed. Read about Mississippi and embryo-rights. Get more depressed.  Did Ann Coulter seriously say that? Become angry. Drink water and fantasize about Ann Coulter stepping barefoot on a Lego. Feel a bit better.

2:30pm seems as good a time as any to eat lunch. Eat som tam ped ped. Eat it with 10 chilies. Who cares if my stomach revolts later? Relish the burning sensation in my mouth.

Read about a different ethical theory. Subjectivism. Take notes. Is this better than Cultural Relativism– or is it worse? Analyze the differences in the theories. Are there any aspects of these theories that I find appealing? Why? Interrupted by a phone call; student’s mother calling to cancel.

Check Facebook. Update status with something politically motivated. Remind myself to be less annoying on Facebook. Contemplate ordering yet another coffee. Yawn. Skip the coffee and go home, shed pants, and crawl into bed. Nap-time.

Alarm goes off at 5:30pm. Snooze. 5:40pm. Snooze. 5:50pm. Grudgingly head back to cafe for my 6pm adult conversation class. Drink a coffee. Talk about movies, flooding, crocodiles, ghosts. Laugh. Learn a new Thai word. Laugh at my mispronunciation of said Thai word.

7:00pm and am all alone with myself and my thoughts. Decide resolutely that this is the most depressing part of the day. Find dinner and eat by myself. Listen to Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. Read about the scientific method. Take notes. Accidentally spill curry on my notes. Get frustrated. Take Sigma on a walk. Think about what it means to be alone. Feel sorry for myself. Eat some peanuts. Listen to Joanna Newsom. Read more about the scientific method.

At 10:00pm I start to feel hot and dirty (nothing sexual unfortunately). Take a shower. What are all these red bumps on my feet? Seriously, Thailand, what are these red bumps?! Forget about the red bumps. Pray to the universe that I don’t have dengue. Brush my teeth. Piss. Towel off. Chase dog around the house. Think about calling someone back “home.” Who to call? Decide against it. Don’t have minutes anyway. Think about writing a letter to someone back home. Is that an ant crawling on my arm? Decide against the letter—it’s not like they’d write back anyway. Grab Confederacy of Dunces. Read Confederacy of Dunces. Laugh. Wish I knew someone like Ignatius J. Reilly. Wait. I do know someone like Ignatius. Laugh. Feel a bit better. Realize I haven’t run in a week. Feel bad.

Decide at midnight I should probably go to sleep. Turn the lights off. Toss. Turn. Toss. Turn. It’s so hot. Is the window open? Yes. Why is it so hot? Toss. Hot. Turn. Get up. Take a piss. Back to bed. Toss. Turn. And finally, ahh… sleep.



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