Happy Halloween from Thailand!

October 31, 2011 § 5 Comments

This morning I awoke to the sound of the most terrible wailing. It sounded like it was coming from directly outside of my house. I went to investigate– luckily I had enough foresight to bring my camera. I slowly opened my front door and saw this frightening apparition floating around my yard:

What in the world? --Is that what I think it is?

I still couldn’t tell what exactly it was. I followed it around (thankfully it didn’t see me and disappear like fog on a sunny day) and I was able to take some more pictures. I really wanted to gather evidence if this thing proved to be what I thought it might be. The National Enquirer is going to love me, I thought.

I followed it around as it stopped at various spots in the yard to sniff and relieve itself. Very weird, I thought, I didn’t know they did that… It appeared behind the tree in my yard and I quickly snapped a picture. But shoot– it was out of focus.

A bit out of focus... but wait... is that a-- ?

I re-focused and … oh my god! It is! It is a Thai Ghost Dog!!1!

Oh $h*t!!! It's A Thai Ghost!

Happy Halloween from Thailand!!

P.S. No dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post (only humiliated).


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§ 5 Responses to Happy Halloween from Thailand!

  • djkreger says:

    hahaha! Too funny! Don’t be surprised when the ghost dog starts making candy disappear!

    • sydneykegan says:

      Haha! To make amends for forcing her into that humiliating get-up, I gave her her favorite dinner: warm rice mixed with dog food. Plus I gave her quite a lot of treats just for looking cute. Love my dog! : )

  • TOJ says:

    Love Ghost Dog. In that get up, he (?) looks like he could be a super hero, complete with alter ego. 🙂

    • sydneykegan says:

      She does have an alter ego: Tearsshit Up.

      Do you celebrate Halloween in Australia, TOJ? If so, what did you and your family do? Another Australian-ish blogger I follow wrote that Halloween is considered American cultural imperialism in Australia but that she was celebrating anyway. haha

      • TOJ says:

        In my younger days, when I had pure ideals blah blah etc, I, too, considered that it was American cultural imperialism etc. Now that I have my own children, and they love going out at night with their school friends, dressing up in costumes and getting lollies, who am I to be a cranky old man and deny them?

        Yep, we went out trick or treating last night, and the kids had a ball. 🙂

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