Bad News from a Bad Blogger

October 27, 2011 § 8 Comments

So, I just received this wonderful little email that makes me feel, well…, uh, bad. Let me share it with ya’ll:

Dear Participant,

Due to the recent flood situation now inundating Bangkok, the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon event committee will hold a meeting this Thursday to discuss how the event will proceed.  We will provide you the necessary information on the outcome of the meeting by Friday, including any cancelation and refund processes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind Regards,
Go Adventure Asia.

Hopefully the Bangkok Marathon will continue as planned– else I will have to find another marathon to shoot for. There are several happening in the next couple of months, so all [training] is not lost. I will definitely keep you updated (keep your fingers crossed!).

I am (still) working on my post about Phetchabun and Phrae… I know, I know– sorry for sucking at being a blogger.

Bad Blogger Sydney... in Phetchabun : (


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§ 8 Responses to Bad News from a Bad Blogger

  • Rop says:

    heard that it’s postponed to January. what a bummer.

    • sydneykegan says:

      I haven’t gotten the “official” email yet stating what they have decided. I am definitely bummed out– Bangkok is certainly in trouble.

      Also Rop, do you use GUs or gels? If so, where do you get them? I can’t seem to find any out here in Khorat.

  • djkreger says:

    Ugh…I hope it works out for you. There’s nothing worse than having an event canceled when you’ve been training your heart out for it.

  • TOJ says:

    I’ve been seeing stories about the flooding on the news every night AND reading your blog, but my compartmentalising little brain didn’t put two and two together. Hope something is worked out.

    As for being “sorry for sucking” and a “bad blogger”: you should take consolation from your effortless use of alliteration. Could a bad blogger do that? 🙂

    • sydneykegan says:

      Hahaha! Well, I am glad that you finally tied the two together. My living in NE Thailand means that I haven’t been directly affected by the flooding. However, this past week groceries and other staples have been harder to get. For example, it is difficult (if not impossible) to find good dog food, to buy more than 6 packs of water per family, to find fresh milk, etc. Lucky for me, I am used to depriving myself of things (thank you vegetarianism!). I suppose the gravity of the situation didn’t hit me until I got the email suggesting the postponement/cancellation of the BKK Marathon (to be fair, I don’t have a television so I can’t watch the news).

    • sydneykegan says:

      Also– you raise a good point. I can’t be *that* bad of a blogger if I use poetic devices in my posts. Thanks for the vote of support.

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