October 11, 2011 § 5 Comments

A great day for an 8 miler!


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§ 5 Responses to W00t!

  • Geez, I’ve been feeling unmotivated to run this last week. But if I had that scene before me, I reckon I could run a hundred kms. Love it! 🙂

  • sydneykegan says:

    Haha– you’d be surprised (this is where I live, so, while utterly beautiful, one becomes rather, uh, accustomed to it after a while). However, today the weather was especially nice (a needed break in the rainy season!) and the rice fields looked so lush that I thought, “here is (or should be) my motivation…”

    You’re in Australia, right? Are you currently training for any races? Do you guys have a rainy season?

    • Yeah, I am (in Australia) and no (I’m not current training for any races). I really wanted to a half-marathon that is on this weekend in Toowoomba, but life decided that there was much going on and nixed that idea. Next race looks like a half- in March.

      We do get a rainy season here, and will enter it in the next few months (say November to March). It’s mainly the “afternoon thunderstorm with big downpour” style of rain with a few wettish weeks thrown in to keep us on our toes.

      Your wet season there must be a bit more relentless?

      • sydneykegan says:

        What’s it like running in Australia (weather/temperature-wise)? Thailand is very humid, which makes running more of a chore, especially where I live (i.e. next to a rice field which is purposefully flooded every so often). Plus, like I said before, it is now the rainy season– or should I say “flood season” since much of Thailand has flooded: Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, etc. It rains almost every day and when it is not raining, the air is steamy. Sanuuk (fun)!

        Soon it will be “winter” and the weather should be much nicer, if only a little drier. 🙂

      • Here in Brissie, it’s nice in winter. Temperatures (when I run) range from about 10-20 and it is usually dry. In summer, the humidity gets pretty stifling and the temps get up into the mid-30s. Not too pleasant for running. I need to learn to run in the morning, but only manage to do so on the weekends.

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