My New Thai Bahn

October 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

This was a busy weekend for me. Aside from teaching all day Saturday and Sunday, going to the hospital, and snuggling with my dog, I was able to find the time and energy to move my belongings from my old bahn (house) and into a wonderful new house down the street.

My Thai house and Sigma!

The photo above is a picture of my old house. Gotcha! But, seriously, this is one of many metal “houses” that have been constructed in my village. They house local workers and their families– while they might not look like much, many times the metal “houses” have more amenities than mine– refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, etc. They construct homes like this so they can relocate easily from job site to job site.

The photo below is my old house. It was fairly large and featured 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room/dining room combo, and a “kitchen”– all for the low price of ฿4,000 per month ($120). However, I wasn’t happy with my weird and lazy landlord (our water main has been broken for over a month and he hasn’t even sent anyone over to look at the problem, among other, “minor,” things) so we found a new house down the street to move into.

My actual (old) house and Sigma, my dog

Below is my new house. It is a bit smaller and has only one bathroom, but it has a “yard” and magnificent windows in the bedroom– not to mention that it is ฿1000 cheaper each month ($90/month).

My new house!

My side "yard" -- we already planted some banana trees!

My "front" yard - I will be planting grass and flowers next week.

Water storage container in case I need to take a "Thai-style" shower...

In other (running-related) news, my doctor told me that while I do have some inflammation around my puncture wound, I am healing up nicely. I have 2 rabies shots down and have only 3 more to go (the next one will be on Wednesday). My leg feels a hell of a lot better and I am planning on going on a 5 miler tonight and resuming my marathon training as planned. Yes!

How was your weekend?


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