So It Goes…

October 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I got up early, threw on my gear and headed out for a 5-miler. However, less than a mile in, my feet and knees were howling, so I called it quits. My shoes were just so worn in (one might think the soles had turned to concrete after 11 weeks of marathon training). So, I asked my friend and neighbor, Emiko, to take me to an outlet to buy some new running shoes.

Well, prior to my getting in her car, one of her, uh…, not so friendly dogs bit me. The bite went through my 7 For All Mankind jeans (eek!) and right into my calve. Upon inspection, it didn’t really appear that bad. I was bleeding, sure, and although there was immediate swelling and bruising, the wound looked small. We quickly dressed the wound, bandaged it up, and headed to the outlets. No big deal.

I picked out a pair of neon green kicks, was treated to lunch at a farang restaurant (i.e. western), ate my first pizza in over 3 months, and returned home to teach some of my evening English classes. So far so good, right?

Emiko stopped by my house after my classes were finished and told me that she and her husband wanted to take me to the hospital to ensure that the bite was dealt with properly. I protested a bit– I really don’t like going to the hospital. Plus, I didn’t think the bite warranted the trip. But she insisted and so we agreed to go to Bangkok Hospital in Khorat (about 40 minutes away) when her husband came home at 9:00pm.

Bangkok Hospital in Khorat, Thailand

Law len (just kidding)!!

The *Actual* Bangkok Hospital in Khorat... haha

The three of us drove to the hospital, eating Japanese rice balls wrapped in dried seaweed and laughing about the quirks of language. After filling out the requisite hospital paperwork, the nurses examined me and decided that they wanted to properly clean the wound and give me the first of five rabies shots.

Let me just say that I have never been more simultaneously grossed out and in such pain in my life. The nurse told me that I had suffered a very deep puncture wound and she was glad that I came in as it could’ve gotten very infected. She told me this as she was FILLING the wound with a saline/iodine solution. She did this for quite some time– filling my wound with enough of the solution to make my calve swell quite significantly. THEN she meticulously pushed a thin strip of iodine soaked gauze into the wound (this is when I had to lay down and sniff ammonia to keep from fainting…). My nurse then gingerly dressed my injury. Following this quite nasty process, my amazingly patient and sweet nurse gave me a rabies shot. I had been lead to believe that rabies shots are intensely painful, but it wasn’t that bad (perhaps because of what she had done to my leg previously). At this point, I was pretty out of it– my shirt was slicked with sweat, my muscles were sore from having tensed them for the duration of the 40-minute cleaning– all I wanted to do was go home. The doctors gave me some antibiotics and extra-strength pain killers and reminded us that we would have to come back again on Saturday for the second of five rabies shots. I limped to Emiko’s car to begin our return-trip home.

When I finally got home, I shut my front door, pulled the curtains closed, and cried bitterly in the dark (so dramatic, I know…). I was just so physically and emotionally exhausted from the ordeal, not to mention angry at not being able to run for the remainder of the week at the doctor’s request.

And so it goes… another exciting day in Thailand: dog bites, new shoes, and late-night trips to the hospital. : (

Ooh la la. My dressed leg.

ps. Yes, I am worried about my running schedule and if I will have enough time to get in all of my training runs. However, I am not going to consider that in this post. Perhaps tomorrow I will check into it.


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