Finally! A Sunny Outlook to Match a Sunny Day!

September 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I woke up early for my run and was lucky enough to catch a pretty intense sunrise. Finally, a nice, clear day after so much rain! After gathering my essentials (iPod, keys, ฿100 ($3), water), I hopped on my bike and ventured over to my town’s recreational park for my 1st run in over a week. I killed it! My legs felt great and I purposefully ran harder than usual (I suppose as an apology to myself for being a crappy athlete last week).

Following my run, I headed over to the morning street market and bought papaya, monkey bananas, and pineapple. Who knew that the morning market had a much larger selection of fruits and vegetables than the afternoon market? My vegetarian dreams have come true! I also managed to find some chocolate soy milk, which was a great way to tide me over until my usual breakfast of oats and fruit.

All in all, I am feeling much, much better: more energetic (hell, I even hand washed my laundry and cleaned the bathroom) and more light-hearted. I think a lot of my negativity had to do with my not running! Crazy, right?!



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