Early Morning Laundry

August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I woke up this morning at 7am and even though I was feeling stiff, sore and still pretty wiped out from this Sunday’s 14 mile run, I opted out of sleeping in. I am just not that good at it– I much prefer getting an early start to my day.  So I hobbled out of bed like the old woman that I am, peed, threw on a pair of cut offs and a tank and decided to do some laundry. Some of you might be thinking “You chose to not sleep in!?”– really what you should be thinking is “Wow! Sydney actually did her laundry?!”

Living in Thailand has a few first-world-style “limitations.” For example, I don’t have laundry machine (many people living in major cities don’t either, you know!), washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, oven, stove, television, internet, etc., etc., etc. I do, however, have an old fan and a rice cooker. I am a fairly low maintenance person, so I am not particularly bothered by not having those modern conveniences (to be honest, I do kind of wish I had a fridge and wifi). All this is to say that I either have to wash my laundry by hand or pay a villager to wash it for me. Because I am fairly lazy when it comes to cleaning, I decided it would be in my interest to pay someone ฿500 (around $15) each month to have them wash and iron my clothes each week. That being said, I don’t have a lot of workout clothes and only a limited number of socks (8 pairs), sports bras (3), and running shorts (2). So, I have to leave those out of the laundry basket each week and hand wash them myself if I want to wear fresh clothes for each run.

The guys and gals building a house next to mine all watched and laughed as I, a farang*, washed clothes by hand. Most Thais have the (mis)conception that all farangs are rich– so I am sure the sight of me, hand washing my socks, was amusing for them. Below is a picture of my Thai bahn** complete with my little Sigma.

Anyway, I’ve got to head out. Time to tutor a guy in “Business English” and then go on a 4 mile training run. Maybe eat some green curry, snuggle up with my pup and read some Stephen King after that… ahh, livin’ the proverbial American dream over here.

* Farang means “Westerner” (read: “white” person)

**Bahn means “house”


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